About us

Online Air is a company that is passionate and committed to providing customers with a simple online solution for purchasing and installing split system air conditioners. We believe in providing easy simple solutions for buying, installing and reducing the costs and time associated with buying and installing split system air conditioners .

Online Air only stock split system air conditioners that are Inverters. Inverters are efficient, "green" and are designed to reduce you power consumption and carbon footprint.

Online Air will soon be offering our customers a complete range of solar products and solar installations. We will also stock a large range of green energy saving products for your home or business.

We are a team who have combined with vast individual experience in air conditioning, plumbing, electrical industries as well as commercial energy management and verification. This ensures our customers are dealing with the most professional service available. 

Our head office is located in Melbourne Victoria. We currently install split system air conditioners in metropolitan Melbourne only. We deliver our air conditioners Australia Wide.